For the future we hope to one day have our own studio and create games full time. But for now all we wish is to create games… and have a blast doing it! Contact Spotted is our first project which is a tactical shooter where you will have to communicate with your teammates for a succesful match.
In our team we want to hold the idea that teamwork will get you far.

Who we are

The team at Riverfall Games are a group of part-time developers that are looking to get into the game industry. We have our real work, some of us work with engineering, others are currently studying. But making games is our real passion, we are all interested in creating something of our own for others, we enjoy seeing the smiles on our relatives and friends faces when they try our games, when they get to hear that WE created it. We love getting feedback and talking to our community and just want to have a nice chat really.

The Riverfall Games team is an international one with members from a lot of different countries! England, Sweden, Norway, Hungary, Germany, Egypt, and a whole bunch of states in America (we are all over!), so we enjoy meeting different people and hearing about their cultures.

Longterm Goals

We are coming to stay, to say it quite easily. As we’re slowly entering the industry, the team as Riverfall Games is striving towards having community relations like no other. We want the community to actively engage in our development, coming with suggestions, feedback, and just chat with us developers.

Riverfall Games § The Team