About Riverfall Games

The Start

Riverfall Games originally started as DevTeam Six. A tiny studio with international team members. A small indie studio with a dream.


All of us at Riverfall Games are dedicating our spare time to work towards our team and create something we can enjoy and adore. We are currently working on Contact Spotted… a game that may create the path for our future.

Team Size

We are a pretty tiny game, we are around four programmers, two 3D modelers and a few volunteer business and community managers to help us out.

From Signac to Matisse

October 1 — December 1

Where do we want to end up?

There are a lot of aspects to what we may want to end up as. All of us within Riverfall Games want to end up in the industry and hope to create our dream games. This is already a goal we are trying to walk towards. Our goal is quite far away, but yet within our view. We can see it at the horizon.

Build our community with us

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